2019 Meta Awards Rules & Forms - ONLINE


Forms, Deadlines Calendar, and Entry Fees 

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*only judges comments/feedback will be provided after judging is complete via the portal. We would like Award Category Winners to be revealed at the Meta Awards Ceremony to get real time reactions, though if need to know your rating per judging criteria in advance, email the NARI office at info@narisv.org.

Be prepared with your National Login ID (email on member profile) and Password

If you cannot remember your password you can 1) click lost password, and will receive an email with a link to enter a new password or 2) if your email is not in National's database, email info@nari.org or call them at 847-298-9200 to be added to the system.

Silicon Valley NARI members are invited to enter the prestigious Meta Remodeling Awards to find recognition of their achievements. The Meta Awards got their name from the word “metamorphosis”, signifying the transformation process and beautiful results that can be accomplished through a remodeling project. Companies from one-person shops to the largest remodeling firms report that winning this award is a major factor in enhancing their image within the industry as well as with the buying public. Winning awards also helps with marketing your business and projects as “award-winning” and teambuilding among NARI members.

Instructional/Reference Videos and Documents:

  1. Overview: Eligibility, Criteria, and Entry Fees
  2. Online 2019 Meta Awards Submission Instructions (email info@narisv.org if prefer Word version for better resolution)
  3. Meta-specific tutorial video
  4. Instructional Video (CotY-referenced but use by chapters)
  5. 2019 Categories (please review for 2019 category changes)
  6. Historic Renovation Criteria
  7. Meta FAQs
  8. Meta Participation Credits Requirements
  9. 2017 Samples of Meta Winning Online Entries
  10. Judging Information Reference (Meta entry views & scoring)
  11. 2019 CotY Program Rules
  12. How To Enter Your 2018 Meta Project Into the National CotY 2019 Awards Competition

Submission Forms:

  1. Client/Contractor Agreement Form (can also download during your entry submission
  2. Photographer's Release and Agreement Form (can also download during your entry submission)
  3. Choose which presentation template forms you would like to work in (use one template for each entry):
    • Meta 2019 Project Entry Sheet (Word Template)
    • Meta 2019 Project Entry Sheet (PowerPoint Template)
    • Meta 2019 Project Entry Sheet (Publisher Template-find inside portal)

Important Upcoming Meta Award Deadlines:

Entries Deadline: TBD

Check in Mail Deadline: postmarked on TBD

Judging Days: TBD

Meta Awards Ceremony: held during the Annual Holiday Gala on TBD date in December 2019 at Sheraton Palo Alto Hotel.