2020 Showcase Marketing Award Winners

Next Stage Design + Build | The website was designed to be interactive and to flow alongside the customer’s intended search journey. Some of the site’s highlights are 1) an “Inspiration” menu that includes complimentary guides and quizzes created in‐house for viewers to utilize; 2) the site’s resources include a quiz to discover a visitor’s personal design style, a downloadable guide on maximizing space, and a pre‐recorded webinar from the Next Stage team on everything to know about embarking on a kitchen or bath remodel; 3) an interactive toggle bar that allows the user to view a before and after photo of a project side by side; and 4) a Matterport Virtual Tour for viewers to walk‐through a completed kitchen and home in on design details. The site is not only geared towards prospective clients, it also has a client log‐in page for current customers to access their project portal on BuilderTrend.  

Harrell Remodeling, Inc. Design+Build | Harrell Remodeling’s Field and Office Crew have wrapped vehicles that extend their marketing reach to anywhere their vehicles travel.  From daily commutes to and from jobsites, trips to the office, to material pick up at the local lumber yard, Harrell’s wrapped vans, cars, and trucks make a distinct and memorable impression on perspective clients, trade specialists, and countless passers-by while traveling our Bay Area roads and highways. Their clients especially know the Harrell team is on-the-job each morning when the Harrell vehicles arrive.

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