Board Members Job Descriptions

Term of Service: All Board Members are expected to serve a minimum of one term, which is 2 years per Board-approved motion 9/15/10 stating that “beginning January 1, 2011, the definition of one term of service for Board members shall be two (2) years”.

All Board positions require:
  • 2-3 hours a month to attend Board meetings; must attend at least 9 Board Meetings per year.
  • 3 hours a month to attend Dinner Meeting (usually right after Board mtg.); must attend at least 9 Dinner Meetings per year.
  • Minimum of 1-3 hours (or more) a month for planning, writing reports, emails, phone calls, etc.
  • All Board members report to the President and the Board of Directors as a whole.
  • All Board members must be members (or employees of members) of the local NARI chapter in good standing.
  • All Board members are required to attend all Strategic Planning Meetings (1 or 2 per year).
  • Attend most Chapter events, such as Picnic, Golf Tournament, Holiday Gala, etc.
General Attributes of Board Members:
  • Should demonstrate leadership skills.
  • Should demonstrate ability to develop and work as a team.
  • Should express desire to teach and encourage others to be involved. (ability to delegate).
  • Should express motivational skills and positive attitude.
  • Ability to create and achieve realistic goals.
  • Ability to plan their schedule to meet the needs of the Chapter.
  • Ability to make sound decisions based on the best interest of the members.
  • Unyielding commitment to make our Chapter one of attraction rather than promotion.
  • May attend NARI National Meetings, at Board’s discretio


The President sets goals for the chapter and leads the implementation of the goals. He/she does this by directing the development of programs that are of interest to the industry. The President will be responsible for motivating board members to participate and become involved in the chapter’s duties. The President is ultimately responsible for attracting and recruiting new members and for member retention.
Board Meetings: The President plans and presides over the monthly Board of Directors meeting. Prepares meeting agenda and distributes in advance to Board members.  Basic knowledge of parliamentary procedure is very helpful (see Sturgis’ Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure). The president must keep the meeting focused and appropriately handle conflicts. President will be one of the check-signers, which requires giving full name, date of birth, driver’s license # and Social Security # to bank.
Master of Ceremonies: The President can act as Master of Ceremonies at the monthly dinner meetings and other NARI events, ensuring that the meetings are educational, motivational and fun. President should be comfortable with public speaking, and be enthusiastic about NARI.
Media Contact: He/she may be the primary media contact for interviews, so needs to feel comfortable and competent doing this. Some of this can, of course, be delegated. May also interface with various public officials, meeting speakers, etc. Needs to be articulate, tactful, etc.
Qualifications:  Will have served as First Vice President the year prior, training with the current President. He/she should have leadership skills, and be excited to lead the chapter. He/she should be able to plan, conduct meetings effectively, delegate responsibilities, and motivate/inspire people. Ability to write a monthly President’s Message for the newsletter. Should have a minimum of 10-15 hours a month to devote to this position.


first vice president

The primary duty of the First Vice President is to assist the president in his/her duties, with the understanding that he/she will be serving as President the following year. This would include working closely on ideas, strategies, goals and the future of the chapter. The First Vice President will fill in at events the President is unable to attend (this will be worked out amongst themselves, as to who goes where and if one or both need to attend). If issues or opportunities arise with any committees, events, programs or ethics, the First Vice President may take the lead, again, upon discussion with the President.
Qualifications: Must have attended at least 9 Dinner Meetings during the current year. Must also have served on the Board or on a Committee during current year and/or must have attended 50% of Board meetings during current year.



The Secretary records and maintains the minutes of all Board of Directors meetings, as well as the annual meeting of members. Minutes must be kept as hard copies (paper) in a binder, as well as electronically. Sees that all notices are given in accordance with the provisions of the bylaws, or as required by law. May be responsible for overseeing filing of reports of the corporation as may be required by law; coordinate with Chapter Administrator.  May oversee the keeping of a list of the members and their contact information; coordinate with Chapter Administrator. May notify Board members of time, place and frequency of Board meetings, in conjunction with Chapter Administrator. Will be one of the check-signers, which requires giving birth date, driver’s license # and SS# to the bank.  
Qualifications: Must have attended at least 9 Dinner Meetings during current year and/or must have attended 50% of Board meetings during current year. Must have good writing skills and be able to take accurate minutes, record Board motions, etc. using good grammar and spelling. Should be familiar with Microsoft Word. Must be organized and be able to send minutes out to Board members in timely fashion, usually within 2 weeks after the meeting. Must attend all Board meetings and arrive ON TIME.


The Treasurer is ultimately responsible for overseeing the keeping of accurate financial records, and for monitoring income and expenses and making recommendations as needed to assure that the organization stays financially healthy. Oversees the bookkeeping and accounting for the chapter, making sure bills are paid, income is deposited, etc. Reviews the monthly bank statements and financial reports generated from QuickBooks by the chapter administrator, including Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet reports.  Helps create annual budget, and makes sure the chapter stays within the budget.  Interfaces with chapter administrator on monthly basis to discuss financial status.  Interfaces with CPA for the chapter concerning annual tax filings, etc. Reports to the Board each month, in writing, as to financial status of chapter, making recommendations as needed. Will be the main check-signer, which requires giving birth date, driver’s license # and SS# to the bank.  Will also initiate and oversee semi-annual internal audits.
Qualifications: Must have attended at least 9 Dinner Meetings during current year. Must be able to understand, analyze and explain financial reports, including Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Budget, Bank Reconciliations, tax returns, etc.  Basic knowledge of accounting, spreadsheets (Excel) and Quick Books is highly recommended.

VP of programs

The VP of Programs is responsible for ensuring that the programs/speakers for the dinner meetings are interesting, informative, educational, and support the NARI Code of Ethics. He/she may introduce the speaker or lead the meeting. He/she will create the annual program schedule by contacting sponsors and speakers for each monthly meeting. The goal is to have speakers and sponsor locations booked a year in advance if possible. He/she will work with chapter  administrator to inform speakers and meeting sponsors of what, why, when and where. Also provides chapter administrator with information on the topic, speaker name and biog. info for the newsletter. Also helps oversee and plan annual Picnic and annual Holiday Awards Gala, coordinating with chapter administrator and committees.
Qualifications: Must have attended at least 9 Dinner Meetings during current year. Must also have served as Committee Leader and/or have attended 50% of Board meetings during current year. Must have a strong desire to promote the chapter by scheduling educational and interesting programs. Must be comfortable speaking with & e-mailing potential sponsors and speakers, as well as be organized. Must be able to plan in advance and to provide balanced programming which addresses the needs of various members.


VP of Education

The VP of Education is ultimately responsible for ensuring that the needs of our members are met by initiating and organizing educational events and certification classes, based in part on what members ask for.  He/she will be responsible for motivating our members to attain NARI Certifications as a mark of excellence and superiority in our industry.  He/she will accomplish this by way of announcements at meetings, emails and newsletter articles.  The VP of Education will interface with NARI National in regards to promoting online NARI certification classes, setting up certification study groups and testing.  May also help facilitate the study groups, if willing and able. May also plan special educational events, such as seminars or breakfast/lunch roundtables, with special guest speakers.  Coordinates  with chapter administrator & Board on all of this.
Qualifications: Must have attended at least 9 Dinner Meetings during current year. Must also have served as a Committee Leader and/or have attended 50% of Board meetings during current year and/or have background/experience in the education system, either public or private. Must have strong desire to educate those in the remodeling industry, be self-directed and organized.  Helpful, but not required, to have a NARI certification(s).

VP of Public Relations

Public Relations is a field that includes writing, media relations, community projects and image-building activities.  It is a tool for promoting our NARI chapter. Public Relations will help create a public awareness of the presence of the local NARI chapter and its members. The VP of Public Relations would promote NARI in general, and specifically help promote the Meta Awards (via Press Releases), community service projects, home shows, recruiting seminars and monthly meetings. This person will need to communicate regularly with all the other Board members in order to know what events are coming up and what PR needs to be done. PR promotion includes: writing articles and press releases, arranging for TV or radio spots, online ads, shirts/banners/displays which will convince the consumer to hire a NARI professional, and will persuade other remodeling professionals to join NARI. The PR VP will interface with the national NARI office, being sure to take advantage of national advertising programs and benefits, co-op ads, etc.
Qualifications: Must have attended at least 9 Dinner Meetings during current year. Must also have served as a Committee leader and/or either have attended 50% of Board meetings during current year or have experience/background in Public Relations (i.e Marketing firm, etc.). Must be comfortable contacting a variety of people in various media venues. Ability to write and communicate well is extremely helpful. Must be self-motivated, take initiative, creative, enthusiastic about promoting NARI.


VP of Membership

The VP of Membership is responsible for helping the chapter to attract new members regularly, as well as retain existing members. Organizes special member recruitment campaigns, working with chapter administrator and with national NARI office. Heads up and oversees Membership Committee, which is responsible for following up on prospective members monthly, contacting non-renewing members, reviewing new membership applications, contacting existing members regularly to help retention. Reports to Board monthly on status of membership in the chapter, coordinating with chapter administrator.
Qualifications: Must have attended at least 9 Dinner Meetings during current year. Must also have served on Board or as Committee Leader during current year and/or have attended 50% of Board meetings during current year. Strong desire to see the chapter grow. Ability to head up the committee effectively, make and follow up on plans, maintain complete confidentiality with applications, and delegate. Friendly, outgoing personality is a plus! Ability to lead prospective member Orientation Meetings.

National Representative

The National Representative is responsible for representing the chapter at National NARI meetings, which are held twice annually, usually about 3 days each, in various locations throughout the country.  Basic expenses to be paid by the chapter (airfare, hotel, food). Includes attending various National committee meetings and the House of Delegates meeting. He/she represents the chapter by voting at the House of Delegates meeting, and reporting on chapter activities, and bringing back ideas/reports to the chapter. May choose to become further involved by serving on a national committee, but not required. Time Commitment: National meetings are usually 3-4 days, twice a year.
Qualifications: This is not an elected position. The Board may appoint someone to serve as National Rep., such as a Board member, or another active member of the association. Must be organized and able to take good notes, able to communicate well verbally and in writing. Some negotiation skills are helpful. Should enjoy talking with people, attending meetings, articulating ideas and traveling.

Chairman of the Board

This is not an elected position. the immediate Past President automatically serves as Chairman of the Board.  He/she participates in monthly Board meetings, but only has a vote if needed to break a tie. May also help lead Nominating Committee.