Committees Job Descriptions


Special Educational Events Committee Leader

The Special Educational Events Committee Leader would propose and plan Special Educational events. These events might consist of but are not limited to Education Day Seminars and Round Table Discussion Groups. Committee leader will:

  • Have input on selection committee members.
  • Provide VP of Education project status reports and new project proposals. Communicate other needs to VP.
  • Communicate with VP Programs or designated Program Committee on the selection of facilities for each event.
  • Work with other VP or other designated Committees as required to move forward on events.

Certification Program Committee Leader

The Certification Program Committee Leader will work to set up local Study Groups or Classes, find facilitators. Committee leader will:

  • Have input on selection committee members.
  • Provide VP of Education project status reports and new project proposals. Communicate other needs to VP.
  • Work with VP Programs to find locations for study groups, classes and tests. Note: in many facilitators may provide locations for study groups or classes.
  • Work with VP of education to collect information on the educational needs of the chapter.



Orientation Committee

Prior to each NARI dinner meeting, there will be an orientation meeting for guest and visitors, lasting approx. 20 minutes.  Attendance is mandatory for all new prospective members who plan to join. During the meeting, there will be a discussion on “what is in it for me as a new member?” In addition, there will be a discussion on what is expected of new members, if they choose to join.  Being an active member is strongly encouraged. Committee chair and/or helpers will  “collect” the recruits at the dinner meetings and guide them over to the Orientation meeting.

Recruitment Committee

It is everybody’s responsibility to recruit members, but this committee will be more pro- active. Members on this committee should be good networkers who also attend other events, whereby they can meet prospective NARI members. They will be the greeters at our meetings, and they will also follow up on the leads that we receive from NARI National, the Home Shows and the guests that come to our meetings. (Chapter Admin. will email list of current leads to chair). Need 6 additional enthusiastic members; 12 members for Home Shows, to help staff NARI booth.  This could include new members. (Work with home show committee and chapter Administrator to see what slots are available for show.)

Mentoring Committee

The Chair of the Mentor committee will be responsible for finding current members to help mentor new members. New members are those who have been part of NARI for approximately 6 months or less. The Chair should work with the Member Retention and Recruitment Committees to find good Mentors and maintain awareness of how many new members will be entering.

Members of the Mentoring Committee will be responsible for helping new members feel welcome and comfortable at NARI meetings during a minimum of the first 6 months of membership. The Mentor will be assigned a new member to greet at the meeting and help to introduce the new member to other NARI members. Initial contact should be made prior to the new member’s first meeting. Contact should be made via phone, email, or in person.

During the first six months the Mentor should be able to help guide the new member to join a committee and report back to the Chair what committee the person may be interested in.

Upon the end of the 6 month period the Mentoring Committee Chair will turn the new member over  to Member Retention to be sure all their needs were met and that they will be returning to NARI the next year. Should the needs not have been fully addressed, the new member will be returned to the Mentor for continued support as needed. The Chair will also report to the head of the committee the new member is best suited to work with.

The Chair of the Mentoring Committee will report all activities directly to the Vice President of Membership on a quarterly basis.

At least 6 seasoned members will be needed.

New Member Retention Committee

This committee will be responsible for contacting and encouraging member involvement and continued participation in our NARI chapter.  The members we will concentrate on are those who have been members for 6 to 12 months.  The general intent is to make sure that the new members are getting some value from NARI and will renew their membership.  The subcommittee will contact this class of member either directly at chapter meetings or by phone, email or otherwise.  (List will be sent by Chapter Administrator.)  The prime target will be those new members who have not regularly attended meetings or otherwise participated in Chapter activities.  The committee will educate the new members about opportunities and advantages for membership.  They will also identify members who are likely not to renew and determine why.               

2 to 3 fairly seasoned committee members

Old Member Retention Committee

This committee will obtain a list, monthly, from the Chapter Administrator of all current members who have not renewed their yearly NARI membership by their due date. This subcommittee’s job is to personally contact each member whose current membership has just expired. Along with the regular letters that go out to the members from the Chapter Administrator, we will either call or meet with these members. We will try to either have them renew their membership, or find out why they felt it was not useful to renew their membership. 

2 to 3 fairly seasoned committee members

Ethics Committee

If ethical issues or complaints occur, the complaint must be submitted to the Ethics Committee in writing.  (such as from a client of a member, or from another member about a member). The parties will be advised that they must first try to resolve the problem themselves.  If this is unsuccessful, it will be turned over to the Ethics Committee.  The chapter’s Grievance Procedure will be followed. The entire Membership Committee will be on this committee as need arises.

Recruitment Mixer Committee

This committee is in charge of putting together an annual NARI Mixer whose primary goal is to recruit new members.


  • Setting Date & Time
  • Getting the venue arranged & set up. (e.g. sponsor/host)
  • Working with the Program Committee and the PR Committee
  • Work with Recruitment Committee
  • Putting together a Sub Committee to set up all things pertaining to the Mixer.
  • Food/Drink
  • Prizes
  • Speaker
  • Program
  • Organize the NARI Information Tables
  • Tables and Chairs if needed
  • Possibly Laptop Computer for award slide show (from Meta awards)
  • Microphone/speaker

NOTE:  See worksheet from prior year for notes on how to do this.

 6 members needed, plus help from Program Committee and PR Committee


Holiday Dinner Awards Night Committee

Plan, coordinate and promote the Holiday Dinner/Meta Awards Gala.  Should start meeting in May or June for this December event. (this is different than the Meta Awards Committee which oversees the actual awards competition).  Includes working with Chapter Administrator to get proposals, select a venue, find sponsors, and plan the program details, such as music, decorations, etc.

Membership Mixer Committee

Work with Membership Mixer Committee to plan, coordinate and promote an annual Mixer, whose primary goal is to recruit new members.

Monthly Dinner Meetings Committee

Find monthly meeting sponsor(s) and venue, educational speaker, and coordinate it with Chapter Administrator.

Golf Tournament Committee

Plan, coordinate and promote the NARI Golf Tournament.  This is considered a fundraiser for the chapter, and possibly for a charity, too. (i.e. Rebuilding Together).  Includes finding a golf course, finding sponsors, arranging details such as price, food, prizes, signs, etc.  Will work with Chapter Administrator to coordinate promotion and money aspects.

Picnic Committee

Plan, promote and oversee annual Chapter Picnic, to be held in August usually. Find sponsors to cover cost of most food and supplies. Reserve a group picnic area well in advance. Work with Chapter Administrator to coordinate invitations, publicity, etc. Goal is to provide a fun event for all NARI members and their families and employees.


Goal: To make NARI a household name: Everyone wants to be a NARI member and everyone wants to hire a NARI professional


  • Meet once a month to discuss issues/give progress report
  • Establish and maintain relationships with all media outlets to promote NARI organization
  • Create Press Kit for Silicon Valley NARI Chapter
o   Resource Guide for media outlets
    • Included in kit: Press Release, Past Articles, Current Articles, Member Directory, Pitch letter
o   Develop selection process for requested articles; Committee Head will determine what runs
o   Create media contact list for members: Both Editorial and Sales contacts
  • Create media library at Silicon Valley Chapter Headquarters
o   Put NARI Admin. on comp list for all local media
    • Admin. will track to make sure all members are using NARI logo
  • o   Send out member e-mail to make sure all media is accounted for
  • Create and pass out hard/soft copy of logos and marketing materials to all new members/renewals
  • Contact National to see about marketing dollars/resources     


Home Show Committee

Goals: To Make NARI a household name; Everyone wants to be a NARI member and everyone wants to hire a NARI professional; Branding and Advertising NARI through home show type events.


  • To meet once a month to discuss issues and give progress report to V/P
  • To determine once a year all home shows that NARI of Silicon Valley will participate in, allowing for flexibility if other opportunities arise.
  • To establish Standard Operating Procedures for this committee: to include setting up and tearing down booth display, educating our members on how to work the booth, as well as what is and is not acceptable while in the NARI booth.
  • To create partnerships with the liaisons for each show and develop opportunities with them for NARI to gain exposure through print, radio, TV and speaking events for our members.
  • Create and maintain an inventory list for all items, including marketing materials, needed for each show.
  • Work with Chapter Administrator on sign-ups for booth duties, to be emailed to members as far in advance as possible. Recruit help at the monthly meetings by personally asking people to work the booth.
  • Establish and maintain a schedule for who is responsible for set up and tear down at every show and make sure they have access and the means to get the NARI trailer (supplies) where they need to go (both to and from show)
  • Make sure all items used in booth are in good working professional order.  If not, bring to the attention of the VP of Public Relations and decide how it will be handled.


Directory Committee

Goals: To make NARI a household name; Everyone wants to be a NARI member and everyone wants to hire a NARI professional; Branding and Advertising through NARI produced directory.


  • To meet once a month to discuss issues and give progress report to V/P of P/R.
  • To establish deadlines at the end of the previous year for the format, ads, printing and delivery of new directory
  • Establish relationships through NARI members and outside sources for printing, lay-out and design of directory, hard and soft copies
  • Obtain estimates for the cost of the directory and give to V/P of P/R
  • Create incentive programs for people to advertise and use the directory hard and soft copies
  • Determine fee structure for advertising in directory as well as on-line web-site advertising
  • Sales of advertising among our members and national members as well, remembering to help our members understand and utilize co-op advertising or partnerships when applicable.
  • Establish “theme” and lay-out and procure articles, checklists, etc. as needed to make the directory an invaluable tool for readers
  • Work with Chapter Administrator, designer and printer in finalizing, editing and proofreading  directory
  • Delivery of directories to the storage facility (trailer)


Silent Auction Committee (for Holiday Dinner Awards Night)


  • To make NARI a household name
  • Everyone wants to be a NARI member and everyone wants to hire a NARI professional
  • Increase attendance and participation at the Holiday Awards Event
  • Increase fun and give back to our community, which is a NARI goal


  • Meet once a month to discuss issues and give progress report to V/P of P/R
  • Work with the Meta Awards Competition committee to promote the competition
  • Work with the Holiday Awards Night Committee to promote the event and the silent auction
  • Set up Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’S) for the silent auction, to include soliciting donations, packaging items, publicizing event, setting up actual tables and silent auction bid sheet, announcing winners, easiest way to accomplish payment,  making sure winners get their items.
  • Bring charity ideas to the board for a 50/50 on the auction or a portion
  • Perform all of the above SOP’s for the event
  • Work with Media Relations committee to publicize winners as well as our community activity.



  • Responsible for working with improving the benefits of our industry partner/vendor members
  • Work with Programs Committee on monthly meeting industry partner sponsor(s) and venue



Audit Committee

Makes sure the chapter undergoes an internal audit every 2 years. Works with Treasurer, Chapter Administrator and the chapter’s CPA  to coordinate this activity.  Reports results to the Board and to the Members.

Nomination Committee

Solicit nominations for the Board positions for the coming year. Begin meeting/working in July or August of each year, with Annual Election being held each November. Work with current President and/or current Board members, as well as with Chapter Administrator to publicize and solicit nominations.

Bylaws Committee (ad hoc)

This group would review the chapter’s Bylaws and make recommendations for any updates or changes. This would not happen every year; just on an as-needed basis.