Meta Award Winning Entire Houses

2019 Meta Remodeling Awards Winners

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Entire House $250,000 to $500,000


Built in 1972, this 2,500-square-foot home is located in an active suburban neighborhood, where families know each other and spend time in each other’s homes. The space plan in the 37-year-old home did not accommodate the needs of a young, active family that regularly hosts large gatherings in their home. The homeowners’ driving goal was to create a large, open kitchen and a floorplan that that could host large groups, as well as serve the needs of a growing family.


Nearing retirement, this client was ready for her next stage in life, starting with completely remodeling the two-story townhouse where she had lived for 30 years. The goal was to create her post-retirement forever home. The original 1980s fixtures and finishes were a constant eye-sore for the design-savvy client, whose love of travel inspired her preference for bold, modern-European design. Her strong opinion on color was clearly expressed at the beginning of the design process; something that posed a challenge to translate into a cohesive materials palette. Improving flow within the cramped layout of the townhouse was a top priority.


The existing ranch style home was not only small for this large family , it also didn't match the owners modern taste. Owners were constantly getting outbid for houses that they liked so they ended up buying a house no one else wanted with the hope of using the money they saved towards future renovations. Design of the new house is minimalist but still has a cozy feeling.It boosts an open floor plan with a large great room. Owner loves the fact that he can be in the kitchen and can still watch their daughter playing in the yard.


Entire House $500,001 to $750,000


Our clients acquired the home from the original owner who built the home himself but never did any upgrades during his period of ownership. As a result, the home needed a lot of deferred maintenance including electrical and mechanical updates to bring it up-to-date to today’s current building standards. In addition, the house was too compartmentalized which made for inefficient circulation. The exterior and interior were aesthetically outdated which was a source of embarrassment for our clients.


The clients’ requirements included: refreshing the exterior appearance of the mid-century modern home, improving the entry, replacing and modernizing the kitchen and creating a better family room, relocating the laundry, improving the indoor environment of the courtyard, simplifying interior circulation and creating a more integrated indoor/outdoor connection from the kitchen and dining areas to the patio. Other improvements included remodeling the two existing bathrooms, adding a powder room, adding a pantry area and mudroom, and repairing the radiant flooring.


Entire House $750,001 to $1,000,000


In this very competitive Bay Area housing market, our clients found this house for a good price and decided to invest in it knowing full well that it needed a lot of improvements. The home had enough bedrooms but was lacking the ideal size for entertaining guest which our clients loved to do. Having a nice space to proudly invite guests over was very important to them and after saving up for a few years they decided it was finally time to upgrade the house before starting their family.


Clients requirements: Extra space was required as two families were merging into one home. Client requested to upgrade the façade, to create a contemporary look with an open floor plan to improve flow & bring more natural light. Solution: The exterior remodel introduced design elements that transformed the façade from an outdated ranch style to a new contemporary design. A second story was added to create new rooms with higher ceilings and more natural light. The great room was created to provide more efficient use of space, connecting living areas & opening the house to the outdoors.


Entire House Over $1,000,000


Requirements: Client wanted to add a second story to create more space for their 3 children. In the first floor, an open area where the family can come together. To update the master bedroom to bring natural light, create a new theatre room, open the family room & kitchen to the backyard & the façade to make the house look brand new. Solution: Removed walls to create an open floor plan, added sliding glass doors opening onto the deck. The kitchen & bathroom were modernized. The hallway leads to the newly created Great Room & a second floor was added.