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2019 Meta Remodeling Awards Winners

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Residential Interior Under $100,000


These clients were feeling like true empty-nesters when they looked around their house and found three vacant rooms. By using one of those rooms, we were able to double the overall size of their master suite, into the space they had envisioned. With a larger footprint in the bedroom, a dream walk-in closet, and a bathroom that doubled in size, the couple finally got a space where both could get ready at the same time. The gray, white and wood tones finish the room with a fresh open feel for them to enjoy this new chapter of their life.


Residential Interior $100,000 to $250,000


The ensuite bathroom for this homeowner’s master suite was tiny, around 3’x7’, so barely large enough to stand at the wall-mount sink or use the toilet or shower. With plans to age in place, this homeowner feared how this bathroom could possibly be used, so she wished to enlarge it for improved functionality and accessibility. The bedroom closet also provided inadequate storage. An adjacent room, technically a bedroom, but too small to be used as one, was annexed to enlarge the master suite. Now, the very customized area includes a luxurious and large bathroom and an ample walk-in closet.


These clients longed for the type of house that was made for entertaining. In reality, however, the layout included separated gathering spaces making each dinner party feel crowded and closed off. By removing walls, rearranging the kitchen, and adding in all-encompassing design elements, we were able to make room for guests to flow throughout the main rooms. Having a newly laid-out kitchen along with an open floor plan, the home is now a perfect social setting for the clients and for each guest who enters.


Our client wanted to remodel the main floor of their ranch-style home to the standards of their recently remodeled master suite. The primary goals were to improve the functionality of several rooms, enhance the comfort level and make the living space better suited for entertaining. The plan was also to improve the lighting, flooring, flow and space as well as to highlight the artwork on display.



Residential Interior $250,001 to $500,000


These homeowners had a minimally functional kitchen, separated by a wall from their dining area. They desired a larger kitchen that would accommodate their family, who cook and bake together. We removed the intrusive structural wall that supported the second story, so the reconfigured kitchen now maximizes functionality for multiple users. With homeowners that make 1000+ truffles semi-annually and a professional baker as their son, the space includes a baking zone and ample countertop surface area! The adjacent garage provides overflow tasking and specialty storage space (including for frozen rats to feed their snakes!), maximizing the overall kitchen functionality.


The existing kitchen was dark, narrow, and cut off from the rest of the house. Dated cabinets were lacking in storage, and countertops were inadequate. By removing a 16-foot long wall, the space opened up to the adjacent family room, allowing space for a large island facing the TV. Removing the entry closet improves traffic flow and feels less confined. The couple required principles of Universal Design as they age in place, deal with some health issues, and plan for possible wheelchair use in the future. Now the cook can enjoy meal preparation with his grandkids in the family room.


This homeowner wanted to update an existing space that was used as an exercise room, TV room, Arts and Crafts space, and Laundry room. Heat control was an issue, with only one register to serve the entire space and single pane glass. Storage for Art materials was also needed. The rarely used fireplace was removed and replaced with a wall of windows to let in natural light and frame the view of the garden. Heating and AC systems were installed to regulate the temperature. Durable stylish surfaces were chosen for work area and custom storage was created for Art supplies.



Universal Design - Interiors


6,992 square foot single-family home built in 1983 in the Arts & Crafts style comprises of 5 bedrooms and 5.5 bathrooms. The proposed scope included a new elevator and master bathroom remodel. Accessing second level of home was challenging for 80-year old aging client with respiratory problems. Care in finish selections and project containment within home during construction was considered. Lack of storage and inadequate lighting with growing clutter was also difficult to manage. Integrating safety, accessibility and luxury elements in client’s environment, while honoring the Arts & Crafts aesthetics, was also critical so client could remain in her home.