Meta Award Winning Kitchens

2019 Meta Remodeling Awards Winners

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Residential Kitchen $60,001 to $100,000


This busy young family spent years ‘making do’ with their tired old kitchen, it was cramped with limited countertop space and awkwardly oriented within the home. By re-orienting the door entries into the space we were able to make multiple rooms of the home more functional for the family while nearly doubling the size of their previous kitchen. As an artistic family, they wanted a space that represented their love of art and color in a way that wouldn’t scare away potential buyers in the future.


Residential Kitchen $100,001 to $150,000


This 1962 ranch style house is home to a well-traveled couple---a teacher and an engineer. The house had previously been remodeled but the couple was looking for a major kitchen update to make the nearly 60-year-old home their forever home. The goal was to re-imagine the kitchen as a multifunctional space that fulfills both their entertaining and everyday kitchen needs. The clients were looking for functionality, flow, convenience, and better storage. Baking is a favorite task in their kitchen, so zoning for that specific need was critical to their vision for the new space.


This young couple bought a charming home in one of their favorite neighborhoods, the only problem was, it was ugly. After years of saving for a remodel, we signed on to blend the 1940’s character of the home with the lifestyle of this modern couple. By consolidating unused areas and opening up cramped quarters we were able to give these clients the dream living space they’ve been waiting for.


This charming family home had so much character but for this food loving family the floorpan wasn’t practical. After many years of saving for their kitchen addition this home was finally going to accommodate the needs for a wheelchair bound home-chef. Based on world travel experiences they also knew they wanted to incorporate some bold statement items into their new forever space.


The client had a vison of a modern trend kitchen with a working flow and statement like quality. By removed the L shaped countertop and a wall dividing the family room, we created a flow that had a natural and inviting feel. Quartzite counter top and glass backsplash not only added style but a durability for any kitchen. The craftmanship of cabinets were exactly what the client dreamed of, two tone colors pop with sophistication . The added touch of the floating shelves are perfect for knickknacks and cook books while the entire kitchen is showcased by the new lighting layout.


Residential Kitchen Over $150,000

Located in Willow Glen, this 1960 ranch home had never been updated when its homeowners came to us wanting to redesign its dark and cluttered Kitchen in order to make it easier for them to use the space as they aged-in-place. The design challenge was to create an efficient layout that maximized storage and minimized counter-top clutter---all within the existing footprint. Creating more light, without adding more windows, was a challenge that influenced the materials palette and selections.


This home’s active family of four enjoys entertaining in their home. They purchased this 1975 suburban ranch after renting it for years (and dreaming of how they would transform it if they ever owned it). The family loved everything about the home except for its lack of space for hosting large gatherings. The ultimate goals were to expand the kitchen space and make it the social center of the home; create a cohesive industrial-modern aesthetic; and improve the flow between the home’s social spaces.


This open plan chef’s kitchen was designed for serious cooking and entertainment. The layout of the L shape with a large 8’-6” long island provides functional working flow as well as the perfect stage for the chef to show off his cooking and for the clients to entertain their guests. This contemporary kitchen thrives for subtle luxury that is still warm and inviting. By combining natural materials, striking use of color in key areas and highlighting the space with a statement-making light fixture.


After purchasing the home in 2015 this young couple knew they had the perfect piece of property, they just had the wrong house! They wanted to create their forever home and in order to do that the kitchen needed a massive upgrade. We started by reevaluating this 1970’s Spanish style home’s floorplan in order to create something open and dramatic. We opted to fold the formal dining room into a new open concept kitchen, dining, and family space. Adjusting the roofline allowed us to add clearstory windows and skylights to give this family the contemporary kitchen of their dreams.