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For over fifteen years, high-end design-build firm Logic Build, Inc. has been specializing in the design and construction of new custom homes, residential remodeling, and executive-style kitchens for discerning homeowners throughout the Bay Area.


As a consumer, it’s easy to overlook the importance of the design-build connection. Unfortunately, many consumers waste precious time and money by hiring one firm to design their project and another, separate firm to build it. This disconnect is quite simply a recipe for disaster. The fact is, successful projects feature close collaboration between the people making the plans and the ones putting those plans into action. That’s why our design team and project managers work together under one roof. This coherence of vision and execution is a foundational part of the thinking that makes the Logic Build team so successful. When you work with Logic Build, you can feel confident knowing that our design team’s vision will never exceed our construction crew’s ability to execute within budget. 

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