[SOLD OUT!] December 2019 Meeting [RSVP by: Noon, Dec 4]


December 11, 2019
5:30 PM PST - 8:30 PM PST
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Biltmore Hotel & Suites
2151 Laurelwood Rd
Santa Clara, CA 95054
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With appreciation to our 2019 Masquerade Meta Awards Gala Sponsors – Diamond Sponsor - M.Designs Architects, Emerald Sponsors - The Tile & Grout King, Inc., D. R. Domenichini Construction, Studio Linder Architects, and Sharon Stone Design, and Ruby Sponsors, Mollett & Burian Accountancy Corp and BWB Builders, Inc. Shout outs to our silent auction and door prizes sponsors [see lists below] that added to the fun for the evening. Congratulations to all of our 2019 Meta Awards winners for their fabulous remodels of lovely bay area homes. You all are award-winning remodeling businesses! Their remodels will be posted on NARI Silicon Valley’s Houzz page [https://www.houzz.com/pro/narisiliconvalley/].

A very big thank you also goes to our hardworking Meta Awards MC - Jim Kabel (Case Design/Remodeling San Jose) who continues to show enthusiasm and proper acknowledgement of the remodel work of our Meta entrants. Due to time, Jim was not able to share his poem at the start of the awards segment, but it captures the spirit of the industry and Meta. How do you balance the excitement of the journey and rewards with the realities of the challenges of this type of business? 

During my second career in the remodeling game

A young upstart pondered doing the same

She wanted to know if the investment could pay

And bring her fulfillment the rest of her days


She was so full of vigor, a bright light I’m so sure

Seemed primed for the journey, and game to endure

So, I gave her the best assessment I could

She’ll decide in the end if she should or she would


I told her this….

The beauty and joy that our craft can provide

Is the lovely result of this perilous ride

You need to be ready to deal with much more

The details are key; though at times they’re a bore


First the codes are a changing, our state sets the bar

For power and water consumed near and far

Constraints to the structure to resist those next shakers

From engineers with calcs; they’re certainly not fakers


You’re managing cash flow with a thousand bucks down

Paid on milestone completion; yes, your accountant will frown

Allocations and mark-ups, take up much of your day

Job costing, gross profit, getting clients to pay


You’ll protect your new business with insurance, all types

With premiums that will give you just a few more new gripes

You think a doctor’s exam is invasive, so you fought it?

Well, you won’t mind it after -- a worker’s comp audit


So, with legal, accounting, and insurance all covered

You’ll also discover where the government hovers

The labor department, EPA, and the city

Can make life more complex and some days kind of sh—(well, not pretty)


You’ll face building inspectors with different opinions

And conflicting new laws from Cal OSHA’s fun minions

Asbestos and Silica, Mold and Lead Paint

You didn’t create them; but they’re now your constraints


You’ll manage suppliers and trade partners each day

To make sure their work is what they did say

Manage debris, VOC’s, and control all the dust

And now that new faucet is emitting some rust?


Yes, there are easier paths to career satisfaction

There are some days or more of total distraction

It’s a grind to be sure; takes a great team to work

As you filter the prospects to screen out the big jerks


But the look on the face of those satisfied owners

As you reveal their new space and worked out all the boners

Makes it all worth it; that’s the day to remember

Of all those long days from June to December


And if a project was special, well designed and constructed

You can write up the story of the brilliance you conducted

Share it with peers and your friends all so dear

And win a META Award at the end of the year!

Gala photos courtesy of Carson Condon (All Natural Stone).



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NARI Silicon Valley is excited to announce our 2019 Meta Gala Silent Auction! Attendees only will be able to bid on a series of quality items. The top bidder will pay by cash, check or credit card at the event. Bidding will end at 7:15 pm, so make sure you get to the Gala on time to view all the items and enter your bids! Winners will be announced during the intermission of the Meta Awards.

It's the holiday shopping season. Buy something for yourself, family, or a friend, there’s truly something for everyone in this auction - from sports and popular culture memorabilia, home decor, tours, gift baskets, and high end appliances.

Thank you again to our generous sponsors, Gold Annual Sponsor Monark Premium Appliance and Samsung Appliances, for hosting our November 13 joint chapter meeting and Chopped Challenge event with ASID California Peninsula. And a special thank you to our 4 Chopped Challenge judges this year - Clyde Zaya, co-owner and chef of Bella Saratoga, Laleh Imanverdi, owner and chef of Tulip Lolly Catering, and Louis Godoy, Synoptic real estate agent & former chef, and Mike Montgomery, Sales Manager of Samsung Appliances. Shout outs to our Co-VPs of NARI Programs, Dan Bartel and Michelle Reitmeir of All Natural Stone for their part in the event coordination, as well as Jim Heintz of University Electric Home Appliance Center for the coordination of Sonoma Family Meal donation drive where NARISV and ASIDCAPen combined donations totaled $368.00 collected at the event!! Finally, applause and gratitude goes to this year's NARI Chopped Challenge  NARI's Angels team - Gemma Clark, Co-Owner of C&C Designs [aka Angel Gemma/“All Fired Up”], Leah Li, Interior Designer of Timeline Design + Build [aka Angel Leah/“Whipping It Up”],Tori Cota, Executive Assistant of D.R. Domenichini Construction [aka Angel Tori/“Chopping It Up”], and Jim Kabel, Owner/General Manager of Case Design/Remodeling San Jose [aka Bosley/Boz/“Made-Fresh-Daily”]. Plus a special message from Charlie Chopped Challenge - Although did not win it this year, it was a job well done. Let's keep an eye on this case for next year!



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