September 2017 Meeting (with Membership Orientation)

September 20, 2017
6:00 PM - 8:30 PM
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All Natural Stone
2504 Seaboard Avenue
San Jose, CA 95131
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Thank you to our meeting co-sponsor, All Natural Stone, as well as those members and guests who attended and had a fabulous time. Another successful event for our chapter! Our September 20 chapter meeting was held in the beautiful and tile bountiful showroom of All Natural Stone's San Jose location. Monthly Chapter Meetings are open to all members and prospective members. Come earn 1 of your Meta participation credits (review credit updates for 2017!) or a CEU!

Sorry if you were unable to attend, but look below to see what you missed...

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Topic: WARNING! Most Benchmarks Are Useful And Irrelevant

Benchmarks can be a great way to gauge how well your business is doing, or not doing. Used correctly they will help you drive towards that pinnacle of business success that you’ve set for yourself. Too often benchmarks can be as demotivating as they can be motivating. 

There are two kinds of benchmarks; those that are useful and those that are relevant. Of all the benchmarks you’ve read about or have been taught most are useful and irrelevant. 

Most are derived from comparisons with others on the same industry. What if you couldn’t get information about our competitors performance; How would we know we are not simply mediocre when we think we’re a success? What if your way of running your business is different from your competitors. How does that affect the benchmarks? 

Whether you’re a general contractor, a supplier, a sub-contractor, a designer or an architect. Join us for this presentation to learn:

  • What the 3 relevant measures of success are. What kind of business you have doesn’t matter.
  • Why they matter.
  • What drives them.
  • What to do to improve in each one.
  • Leave more energized than when you arrived.
Speaker: Eamon Rooney is a strategic leadership coach and long time chapter member. His focus is to enable exceptional leadership that drive business success. He also is the author of an international best selling book - Get Naked: How to crate a business you love through radical transparency.

Generously Co-Sponsored by: All Natural Stone & NARI Silicon Valley Chapter