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January 2019 Meeting (with Membership Orientation)

January 16, 2019
6:00 PM PST - 8:30 PM PST
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Keypoint Credit Union Community Center
2805 Bowers Avenue
Santa Clara, CA 95051
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Monthly Chapter Meeting open to all members and prospective members. Join us for networking, dinner and an educational program! Earn 2019 Meta Participation Credits!

You're invited to the First 2019 Panel in the “Build and Sustain Your Business” Programs

Let's face the reality folks, we live and work in a crowded Bay Area! So let's talk about options to overcome this in the business area. A panel consisting of 2 sub-contractors and 2 general contractors will give short introductions about their companies and then have an interactive discussion on the following points as it relates to the meeting topic - Efficient Service Area: Challenges for Servicing Projects in This Increasingly Congested Region:



  • What is your efficient service area?
  • How or why did you choose that particular area or size of area?
  • What technics do you utilize to maximize employee efficiently at disbursed locations?
  • How do you handle the travel time expense of increased commutes times?
    • Adjust work hours?
    • Start early, leave early?
    • 4-10 work days?
  • How do you manage client meetings and job supervision to be efficient?
  • How do you manage scheduling for subcontractors and material deliveries?


Costs, compensations, and reimbursements

  • Do you adjust employee compensation for travel time and vehicle expense?
  • Do you adjust pricing for added commute time?


Helpful Information

  • Do you specialize or generalize?
  • How and when do you say NO to a project?
  • How do you handle emergency 6:30 pm problem situations?
  • How do you collaborate with peer companies to cover leads and project development?
  • How do you schedule sales calls and client meetings?
  • How do you maximize your selling opportunities in your reduced area?


Question and Answer session


$45.00 Member Registration (1st registrant)
$35.00 Earlybird rate before January 12

$15.00 Additional Staff Registration

$45.00 Non-Member Registration

$0.00 First Time Guests/Prospective Members (up to 2 complimentary meetings)

$0.00 Board Member Registration