2020 Meta Award Winning Commercial

D.R. Domenichini Construction with Studio 38 Designs, Inc. | Taking advantage of having a “blank slate” to work with, different building materials and finish options were integrated - wood stick framing, plywood, multiple layers of insulation and spray foam for sound and thermal regulation, as well as stucco and drywall were added to further help reduce noise. The side wall tented space is divided into three zone types of stucco, trim, and paint styles to demonstrate multiple options to clients right on site, as well as for additional entertaining space!

D.R. Domenichini Construction with Studio 38 Designs, Inc. | The remodel tactfully incorporated different stucco, drywall, paint finishes, molding, window, and skylight types into the building while maintaining a cohesive look.  Multiple flooring, cabinet and countertop types and edging are also beautifully displayed.

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