How and Why to Join NARI of Silicon Valley

Why Join?

To learn about the value and benefits of NARI Membership, please see our member benefits and our Member Services Brochure [PDF].

How to Join

To join NARI of Silicon Valley, please submit a membership application and dues payment. It usually takes several weeks to process the application; you will be notified when your application has been approved.

To be eligible to join you must:

1) have been in your remodeling-related business for at least 1 year; 2) carry General or Professional Liability Insurance; 3) carry Workers Compensation Insurance if you have employees; 4) have a valid Calif. State Contractor’s License if you are a contractor. We will verify these items; we also order a credit report and check your references.

Online Membership Application

View the Membership Application [PDF-Fillable or print as Hardcopy]

Print out the application above, fill it out, and send it in as directed on the application.


Application Processing Fee (non-refundable)$ 100.00                    

Annual Membership Dues                           $ 490.00                     

Total Membership Dues:                        $ 590.00^*

^Ask about our Annual Sponsorship Opportunity to get more business exposure and access to more member benefits!      

*Note: If your company is also a member of another NARI chapter or a National NARI member, please call for dues amount.


Student Membership

To be eligible to join you must:

1) Be full or part time students, engaged in at least a six hour credit curriculum, 2) enrolled in an accredited high school, vocational training school, or college level program and who are concentrating on a curriculum relevant to the construction and/or remodeling industry. Student members shall have no voting privileges, shall not be remodeling or construction industry business owners, shall be subject to a yearly review, and shall not be allowed to use any NARI marketing materials, including the NARI logo.

Online Student Application

View the Student Membership Application [PDF-fillable or print as Hardcopy]

Print out the application above, fill it out, and send it in as directed on the application. 



Total Membership Dues:                        $ 75.00