2018 Membership Drive

We want to expand our Silicon Valley community of remodelers, designers, architects, and industry partners! More information-sharing! More team projects opportunities! More networking and connections! More business exposure opportunities! 

Prospective Members

These incentives below are for a limited time. Prospective members will need to submit their completed application from August 15-September 21 to qualify for these incentives.

  • First 3 completed applications will get their $100 application fee waived
  • Gets a $50 discount off their first year dues when application approved


How to get started?



Referring Members

  • For first 2 approved member applications, referring member company gets 50% off next year's (2019) dues. This incentive is 1 per member company and not combined with $50 incentive below for same new member
  • Gets a $50 discount off next year's (2019) dues for each approved new member
  • Gets a member spotlight for 90 days on our homepage and chapter's social media
  • Gets 1 ticket per new member into a 2nd raffle for big prize drawing. The drawing to be held at the October chapter meeting


When you walk into a customer’s home, you really don’t know if they’re going to be paying cash or some other way. If they say they're paying cash, it could be from a bank account, cashing out a CD, liquidating stocks, or some other method that could involve tax losses or other costs. The fact is, half of all home improvement projects over $5,000 are financed in some way, and offering your customer NARI BuildingBucks makes the sale easier, because it's not about affordability — it's about accommodating the customer’s money management.

NARI BuildingBucks is an exclusive payment options program from NARI with EnerBank USA that helps your customers get the project they really want today and helps you:

  • Improve Cash Flow
  • Increase Leads
  • Close More Sales
  • Reduce Cancellations
  • Increase Job Size


Learn Highlights About NARI's BuildingBucks Program

Video About NARI's BuildingBucks Program

Exclusive NARI BuildingBucks Enrollment Form

Representatives from Enerbank USA will also be attending this meeting and providing a short presentation on this program and answer specific questions for you and your guests to learn more!

FDIC insured EnerBank USA® is a highly specialized, national consumer lender that helps strategic business partners and independent home improvement contractors increase sales. Strategic business partners include manufacturers, distributors, franchisors, member or trade associations, and major retailers of home improvement, remodeling, and energy-saving products and services. They all rely on the bank to be here today and tomorrow to fund customer loans and help them achieve their business goals and objectives. We are America's home improvement lender of choice. We are reliable, professional, and we produce results.